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Carly Fiorina for President

It’s quite a peaceful feeling to already know how you will vote in the next presidential election. I’m voting for Carly Fiorina. I’ve watched her in the recent debate, heard her on a few interviews and have decided that she is who I support for President in 2016. Now, knowing that I can just sit […]

In God We Trust

Yes, In God We Trust belongs in America today, just as it did at the founding of our nation. Now, there are facts and there are Facebook facts.   True facts are those that can be proven true through independent evidence.  Facebook facts are evidently true because there are so many people on Facebook, that everyone […]

Political Pejoratives

To Politicians on the left, “Republican” has become a pejorative. To Politicians on the right, “Democrat” has become a pejorative. To Wally,  “Politician” has become pejorative.

Teach Your Children Well

Here were are close to hearing a Grand Jury decision about whether or not Officer Warren will be charged in the death of Michael Brown, and in the same sitting I am reading that President Obama met with Ferguson protestors who are preplanning a protest against the ruling. Some of the national leaders met with President […]

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