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October 21, 2009

Tea Party in the unshine

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I finally made it to a TEA Party and even remembered to bring an umbrella so as not to get over exposed to unshine. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people along the Guide.

Update: KGMI had Sean O’Heir cover this event interviewing several attendees in a short video.

The Bellingham Herald had a front page color phot yesterday, but I haven’t seen any real post event coverage from them.  I’d say no real coverage yet, but most of the hundreds on the street probably leaned a little too right of center for the Herald demographics to care about the reasons why we “teabaggers” have taken to the street.  Though, if you dig through the comments on this Herald Politics blog post it looks like their politics guy was there, did a crowd count and walked the crowd several times.  I guess it takes more than a big crowd to get real coverage; we need bed sheet doves on broomsticks.

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