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Smart Future

I hear some talking about the stubby little Smart cars we see running around being a sign of just how dismal our transportation future looks.  I see them as quite the opposite, I see them as small efficient ways to ward off the doom and gloom of an America dominated by legislated mass transit.  Mass


I felt so proud to have a PayPal account when I read this story, BERLIN – Online payment service provider PayPal says in a company blog it has cut off the account used by WikiLeaks to collect donations. The company said in a blog posting the move was prompted by a violation of its policy,

Poopup Ads

Anyone who regularly reads the Bellingham Herald online recognizes popup ads (esp. Netflix)as a serious local issue.  I started referring to them as poopups because they, well , leave little piles of poop around my screen the way the dog leaves it in the backyard. Here’s a copy of and E-How article that addresses the