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Smart Future

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

smartusaI hear some talking about the stubby little Smart cars we see running around being a sign of just how dismal our transportation future looks.  I see them as quite the opposite, I see them as small efficient ways to ward off the doom and gloom of an America dominated by legislated mass transit.  Mass transit seems so socialist and really un-American. 

The freedom to take your own vehicle when and where you want is almost a core value in our country.   It doesn’t so much matter if the vehicle is big or small, two wheels or four, gas or electric or ???  What matters most is that we maintain the spirit of individuality and joy that doesn’t happen with mass transit. 

And in that spirit I love to see how people are making event these most boring of people movers into something fun.  How about this 4×4?


Or this souped up hi-performance commuter?


Sure the new motor takes up a little passenger room, but as you see there are other ways to qualify for the HOV lane on your next road trip to Seattle.

Mass transit can have a place in our society but we can’t let it displace our personal vehicles.

Poopup Ads

Monday, December 6th, 2010

poopup blockAnyone who regularly reads the Bellingham Herald online recognizes popup ads (esp. Netflix)as a serious local issue.  I started referring to them as poopups because they, well , leave little piles of poop around my screen the way the dog leaves it in the backyard.

Here’s a copy of and E-How article that addresses the problem.   Blocking 3rd party cookies as described in Step 1 has always seemed annoying because I’m continually being told by websites, that I need to allow them.   I’ve been using the method outlined in steps 2 to 5 for quite sometime and it seems to have effectively diapered the dog.  Don’t let it scare you, it really is quite simple. (more…)

Go ahead, you know you want to

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010