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Pirelli scooter tires

As I mentioned somewhere earlier in this recent rash of scooter posts, my wife and I ride a couple of relatively new 150cc Roketa scooters that we purchased from Urbano Moto in Bellingham. They are fairly inexpensive Chinese models so I would be foolish not to anticipate regular repairs. The fact is that neither of

Puig 992 touring windscreen

It took me about 15 years of street bike riding before I gave into a small windscreen. I was young, and thought it wasn’t to cool have one. With the scooter I had one ordered within the first week. What I’m saying is that I was really stupid in the past and I’m not as


Today many people, yes even middle aged conservative Christian white guys, are stepping through two-wheelers for one reason or another. Maybe fun, maybe practicality, maybe $3.50/gallon gas. For me, it might just be in my blood. I grew up riding everything from a 2-1/2 hp Lil’ Indian minibike, to a Solex Moped, to various, mostly