Living in my remodel

It was becoming too much to handle. I was at about 250 posts to manually update, organize, archive, handle comments and not lose. And as stupid as it is to be a conservative blog in Whatcom, I was getting 300-400 actual visits/day. Things were going to heck in a hand basket!

I’ve switched from a Windows server and Frontpage to a Linux server with WordPress. WordPress is designed for blogs so I think it will be a big improvement for everyone. I’ll be living and posting in the new digs while I finish the remodel.

I’ll also start the dubious process of importing old post.


3 Responses to “Living in my remodel”

  1. Gary Fox says:

    It’s looking great Wally. Keep up the good work.There are those of us that do apreciate it.________Respectfuly_______Gary.

  2. wally says:

    So far this WordPress is pretty impressive. It was a bit of a nightmare changing things over at Dotster, but it’s going now and I like it.