What else can the mayor scrap?

Highly reported this weekend was the mayor scrapping the new Bellingham City logo. What else should we be scrapping? I say scrap the bait and switch zoning Wal-Mart moratorium, the anti-US Troops Home Now resolution, and the socialist affordable housing program.

Here are 4 terms that it would do anyone good to look up in succession: capitalism, democratic socialism, socialism and communism. Socialism didn’t die with Hitler, communism didn’t die in the 80’s and it won’t die when Castro goes. Our upcoming speaker of the house is a devout socialist as are 50 or so Democrats in congress.

Here is a little self-test. If you think you should be able to own your home, take home more money for doing good work, aspire to own your own business, and help the poor through tithing not taxes then you are a capitalist, not a socialist nor a communist. Don’t vote them into congress nor the city council.


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