By whose authority

obama walks on waterYesterday I gnawed on Obama’s charisma as the source for his authority as a candidate. Today I continue to be amazed daily at how many people believe Obama should be elected just because he is Obama. I am not one of them.  Rush Limbaugh talks of the faith required to follow Obama.  Faith he says, because Obama has given us very little else to go on, and where he has, he is asking for our faith that he can make socialism work in America even though it has failed so miserably in China, Russia, Cuba, etc.

Will you accept Obama on faith alone as this Washington Post cartoon seems to imply? Is it right that the media should also take him on faith alone and not ask substantive questions?

I for one, can’t accept Barack Obama on faith alone. He is going to need to give me more to go on than just charisma. There is only one man who I follow on faith alone, and as far as I know He is not running for president in ’08. Oddly though, even as Christ walked this earth asking us to have faith in Him, He followed His request with an explanation of exactly who He was, what He wanted us to do, and why. And even then, He backed this with 3 years walking among men performing miracles, teaching, and healing.

So I’ll freely put my faith in Christ, who by all accounts actually did walk on water, but for Barack Obama I’ll be needing more.



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  1. Socialism is the enemy of all free men.