Why care so much about Deserters?

I care about deserters/resisters/AWOL soldiers because I care about the future of our nation. Our nation will cease to exist if we can’t or won’t defend it from national threats. Our military is raised by an elected civilian government to defend our nation against threats. So if the military can’t or won’t do their job then we are defenseless as a nation.

This is how I see deserters:

They don’t care about our nation enough to defend it.

They don’t possess enough integrity to keep the commitment they made to the people of our nation.

They are selfish and don’t care that someone else must take their place in battle. Perhaps it will be the single mother of 3 who signed up for 1-weekend a month. Perhaps the thousands of deserters will tip the scales and cause a draft in our nation. Last counts I’ve seen show more Americans going AWOL from their nation than dying in defense of it during recent operations in the Middle East.

They undermine the morale of our nation when they justify their cowardly decision by blaming someone else (i.e. President Bush and other Republicans) and remaking themselves as a hero in their own mind. Some even publicly speak to undermine our nation.

I can somewhat respect an objector who admits they can’t do war and is willing to accept other duty or jail rather than going AWOL.

I consider any person who deserts their duty, then speaks or acts against our nations interest, as defined by our government, to be an enemy of our nation. We need to start dusting off the sedition and treason laws.

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