Capital Christmas Tree 2006

“It is so wonderful and such an honor to be here tonight in the nation’s capital as we light what we all believe from the other end of the country is the best holiday tree ever,” Murray said at the event.

Murray, who has been elected conference secretary of the Senate Democrat Caucus for the coming session of Congress, was called on to make comments when the traditional tree in front of the Capitol – not the National Christmas Tree which is a living tree at the White House – was illuminated this week.

Did the Christmas tree we sent to our nation’s capital become a “Holiday Tree” when it left our state or when Senator Murray used her Midas touch to suck the fun, tradition and meaning out of Christmas. I know a Christmas tree itself has more to do with some other ritual, but it has been called a Christmas tree for quite awhile now. I just think that renaming it “Holiday Tree” is one more way of getting Christ out of Christmas. Will Senator Murray also be lighting a “Holiday Candle Thingamajig” rather than a Menorah? Replacing faith with government as the center of our life seems to be a progressive ideal. If she was just trying not to offend anyone, then she failed. I am a Christian and part of the majority demographic in our nation and as a Christian, I am offended. I am also offended as a Washingtonian at the two faced display by Senator Murray. Senator Murray was proud of the Christmas Tree on when she and/or her PR person wrote this on her website:

Capitol Hill Christmas Tree to Come from Washington State

I am proud to announce that this year the official Capitol Christmas tree is coming
to Washington D.C. from our great state. The tree will be lit in a ceremony on December 6th at 5pm. The tree originated in the Olympic National Forest and is currently in transit.

To monitor the tree’s travel to our nation’s capitol live visit:

or to learn more visit:

The Washingtonians who worked to make the Capital Christmas Tree happen this year are proud to call it a Christmas Tree.

Washington State has been given this year’s honor of providing the Christmas Tree that will stand in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

The tree tree is a majestic, 65-foot tall Pacific Silver Fir and will be decorated with 10,000 lights and 3,000 ornaments handmade by schoolchildren from across Washington State. The highlight of the Capitol’s Christmas season will be a simple, but dramatic lighting ceremony, in which the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will light the spectacular tree, continuing a tradition begun in 1964.

But Senator Murray showed her true nature when she incessantly referred to it as a “Holiday Tree” during the ceremonial lighting of the Capital Christmas Tree. So she was either spineless when addressing our home state, spineless when addressing our nation or just trying to work us all.

Merry Christmas Senator Murray

And may God bless you and your family

Capital Christmas Tree 2006

‘Christmas’ is ‘semantics’ to Democrat Sen. Murray

US Senator Patty Murray’s Washington View

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