Political Fasting

If I were Catholic I might call this time a late started lent or If I were bulimic, I might call this a purge; but I am neither so I’ll just call this time a time of Political Fasting.  A time to let my mind and body heal from the negative effects of politics. 

I’d love to wonder about why there isn’t any follow up to the NY Recruitment Center bombing; I’d love to wonder why another Muslim was elected to Congress; I’d love to wonder what Sen. Obama sees in his pastors message; I’d love to keep speculating about the McCain/Romney vs. Obama/Clinton (or Obama/Hillary?); I’d love to wonder and hope about the same sentiment that fails school bonds also failing the $100,000,000 Bellingham Library;  I’d love to wonder those things and more, but I’m going to honor my self imposed Political Fast and not wonder a bit until after Easter.

Instead I’ll wonder about the good Book; I’ll wonder about a good book; I’ll wonder about pruning and other fun yard work; I’ll wonder about coding sidebars and tabs; I’ll wonder how I can get a better picture on the TV; I’ll wonder what others are wondering; but I won’t wonder about politics. 

There is a new coffee place in Ferndale.

How did boy genius Jimmy Neutron defeats the Twonkies?