I’m sorry to hear that Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin has died. Sorry for the world and sorry for his wife and kids. The AP reports that he died from a stingray sting while filming a movie. At least he was out doing what he loved. He was an icon. I wish he were going to be around for the duration like Marlin Perkins of the Wild Kingdom. Marlin Perkins, who I watched faithfully, pioneered the genre of wildlife documentaries that Steve Irwin seemed to be born for. Steve Irwin has big shoes to fill. For mine and other kids, I hope there is someone out there to fill them.

Don’t forget that we have a local candidate in the Reptileman. His Reptile Zoo in Monroe on Highway 2 is great. We were there just 3 days ago to see the 2 headed turtle and to let our kids hold a snake.


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