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As I mentioned somewhere earlier in this recent rash of scooter posts, my wife and I ride a couple of relatively new 150cc Roketa scooters that we purchased from Urbano Moto in Bellingham. They are fairly inexpensive Chinese models so I would be foolish not to anticipate regular repairs. The fact is that neither of us would be enjoying scooters if we had to pony up the cost of a Honda or Vespa.

I initially went through the scooters checking all bolts and fasteners for tightness. I found a few loose, but nothing dangerous. I also checked all fuel lines, intake parts and miscellaneous hoses, but found no problems.

My wife’s Carpi (Carpi not Capri) has been really trouble free, while I haven’t been so lucky with my Fiji. The Fiji came from the factory with a bad rear wheel hop over about 40 mph. I deflated and reseated the tire which ever so slightly improved the ride, but it still seemed dangerous. Urbano moto was more than willing to correct the problem with a tire and or wheel change as needed. But with the usually wet roads we have in the NW I was already planning on replacing the budget tires with something a bit higher up the scale.

I settled on a set of Pirelli SL26 tires which they describe as being made from an “all year use” compound” and having big grooves and blocks in the tread pattern to give good wet weather performance. I purchased online from Tires Unlimited and the order went off without a hitch. I spent about $50 a piece including shipping for a pair of 130/60-13’s and had them mounted at Mt. Baker Motorsports for a rather inexpensive price that I now can’t recall.

And the results were as I had hoped; no more wheel hop and I’m riding a set of quality tires that really stick to the road.  They stick well on dry roads, wet roads, a bit of sand on the roads and the oily strip too. They stick so well that I have to continually remind myself, especially coming up on corners, that I’m on a scooter.

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4 Responses to “Pirelli scooter tires”

  1. Metzlers Rule!!!!!
    Real sticky, even in wet weather.

  2. wally says:

    These still have a lot of life left as I’ve only been able to put about 1700-1800 miles on them. I checked out the site and the prices look great. thanks

  3. jake mote says:

    those are indeed great tires,
    but can easily be found for 40-50% less.
    check out http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com

    just thought folks might like to know.
    have a great day.

  4. Indian Aaron says:

    It’s nice to see the Tire size on skooters getting bigger.
    13 to 14 inches is much better than the little things I’ve seen in the past.
    The bigger tires seem a little safer to me. Skooters still seem way too top heavy and one sits rather high in the air.