Bible scriptures are pretty cool

This morning James 3:16 popped up as my scripture of the day.

For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice. James 3:16 NIV

I attempt to regularly read and reflect on the scriptures. Sometimes I realize their significance immediately, sometimes It will become apparent to me later and still other times I completely forget them because I am too dense to see their significance.

Today God used a Herald article as a vehicle. There was a quick article about the UN International Day of Peace march. What connected me to the scripture was the number of groups that are using this day to promote their self-ambitions.

United Nations: Declares that the International Day of Peace shall henceforth be observed as a day of global ceasefire

Veterans for Peace: Declaration of Peace is a nationwide campaign to establish by September 21, 2006 a concrete and rapid plan for peace in Iraq

Whatcom Human Rights Task Force: Join in the ANTI-WAR March through downtown Bellingham

Bellingham Herald: Whatcom Peace and Justice Center is organizing an anti-war march

WECU: NON-PROFIT OF THE MONTH,Whatcom Peace & Justice Center,‘Cease Fire! Declare Peace’ is the theme for WPJC’s third annual observance of International Day of Peace

Community Food Co-Op: International Day of Peace co-ordinated locally by Whatcom Peace and Justice Center…details TBA

Whatcom Peace and Justice Center: After being empowered and inspired by the speakers and music, social justice organizations will be tabling and offering concrete ways to get active immediately

Honorable mention for event sponsors: Village Books; First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ; Rumors Cabaret; Buddhist Peace Fellowship; Peace Zone/Peace Vigil; Copy Source; Jobs With Justice, Whatcom Organizing Committee; Danne Neill, Muljat Group; Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship; Whatcom Pax Christi; Bellingham Friends Meeting; and The Bagelry.

And finally for WWU: Whose name is attached through employment to anti-American Larry Estrada who seems to be an integral part of this event.

So many liberal activist groups with so much self ambition on a day when the UN merely called for an annual ceasefire day and member nations to observe a moment of silence. It is ironic that many of these groups are using a UN sponsored day of peace for anti-Iraq war marches, when the war in Iraq is enforcement of a UN resolution.

Which kind of peace are these activists after? The evil kind of peace where Saddam Hussein promotes the killing of infidels world wide as well as his own people or the more kindly type of peace where our military stops him and installs a democracy?

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