Miracle or man?

manA recent BBC headline grabbed my attention when I saw the word ‘miracle’ set off with single quotes. I guess, to call into question whether this was actually a miracle.

God created us one of two ways, either man, or man’s perfect compliment, woman. And as a man who respects God’s sovereignty, I would have punctuated this headline another way. A way that I feel more accurately describes this situation.

WallyBC headline: Pregnant US ‘man’ hails miracle

You see, my placement of the single quotes calls into question the real issue; Is this pregnant person a man or a woman, a human male or a human female?

Yes indeed, a man becoming pregnant would be a miracle, and I’ll blog about that when it happens. And it hasn’t happened yet, because this person is in fact female, not male, and while I do consider women bearing children to be one of God’s many miracles, it isn’t uncommon to run across a pregnant woman.

Confused? Well, here’s the Science bit: he’s had partial sex change surgery though is legally classified as a man after having testosterene treatment and having surgery to remove his breasts.

Doctors say it is all perfectly possible: he’s able to conceive because he didn’t have reconstructive surgery to the lower half of his body including his reproductive organs.

BBC – Newsbeat – Health – Man claims he is ‘pregnant’

Legally classified as a man, does not make one a man. That would be our nation not respecting God’s sovereignty. What I do find miraculous in this whole situation is that even after she allowed herself to be chemically and surgically altered, she is still physically stable enough as a woman to become pregnant. I wish the same could be said for her mental stability.

“Despite the fact that my belly is growing with a new life inside me, I am stable and confident being the man that I am.”

I pray for the child.

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One Response to “Miracle or man?”

  1. Nope,
    No miracle,
    I think it would only be a miracle if he were a man, always a man, and wore greek orthodox baggy britches…
    every morning when I wake up the world justs gets a little weirder…