The Debbie Chavez Show


Local conservative talk didn’t die in Bellingham?

Perhaps it just got better. I’m a working guy so I’ll have to catch the debut on podcast.

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3 Responses to “The Debbie Chavez Show”

  1. Don says:

    Caught me too. I flew past the local part. All the same – Im a happy man with the new lineup.

  2. wally says:

    Caught me. In my head I was saying “local” conservative, but what I wrote certainly didn’t convey that. I’ve made the correction. If you read my post titled Who will be next on the milk carton? from a few days ago, I think you will see we are in agreement. I think the national stuff is a very formidable force for change from the outside, while local shows like the old PM Bellingham and Debbie Chavez let people know that there are conservatives already here.

  3. Don says:

    Wally – not sure how Debbie Chavez and Joe T getting the boot in the evening timeslot in favor of Mark Levin would cause you to think conservative talk was disappearing in Bellingham.

    Mark Levin is the most conservative host Ive heard, and can only imagine the steam generated from the ears of Whatcom county liberals as Levin sets them straight with his “calming” voice and delivery.

    While I liked Debbie, I absolutely love Levin. If you have the chance, notice how grumpy Teehan gets before Levin gets on…and how he seems to avoid introducing him. Gotta love it.