Free money

sp Yesterday morning, I had the rare and I hope infrequent opportunity to sit in queue at both the Social Security office and the Internal Revenue Service. I don’t think there is a blog transparency clause, but FYI, I filed my first ever extension, after a glitch in SSN’s for adopted children led to a tax filing problem. I’ll admit that it was a bit stressful dealing with government stuff and I could sense myself stressing a bit over not being at work.

However this life that God gave me is good and I was afforded both a little comic relief and a reason for this blog post.

First, at the Social Security office, I was surrounded by people with a lot of benefit questions and a lot of people seemingly trying every avenue to receive benefits in lieu of working. The comedy came from a fiery old guy sitting next to me who loudly exclaimed as he nudged me, that I was too young for social security and that I needed to be out there working so he could get paid.

Second, the reason for this blog post, came over at the IRS office. It’s a close quarters office and waiting room so everyone in the office and waiting room knows everyone else’s business. I did not hear people with loads of last minute tax questions. I did hear loads of people looking at how to get their “fair share” as one man referred to the stimulus payment.

He, like many in the room, were relatively young, 20’s & 30’s non-students, seemingly able bodied, who had no reportable income. In other words; people who should be working! And if they choose to not work, then at the very least they should not be standing in line to take money from taxpayers. Obviously no one has told them that it is their working neighbors who are providing this economic stimulus. And my quote of the day comes from an IRS employee helping out two such individuals at once.

300 bucks free! You don’t have to pay it back; it’s like a welfare check.

Imagine; free money!

However, the IRS employee made no mention of the working and taxpaying people who are actually financing their free money. And no mention that the free money that comes in the form of a welfare check, also comes with the expectation that it is a boost to get them back into a position to work and pay taxes. Free money is not free.

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