Mercy Me, Scooters!

Mercy Me! A Christian rock band riding pimped out scooters. I can only imagine what they will come up with next.

4 responses on Mercy Me, Scooters!

  1. You know that there is a club in Bellingham?
    Scooter Owners of Bellingham ( they call themselves, “SOB’s”)
    purty funny…one guy even has a dog that rides in a sidecar on his skooter…

  2. Noooooooo!
    It’s an infestation! Yakkity Sax and skooterz!

    It sounded like one of the boyz had modified his tailpipe.

    So, Wally, are you prospecting for TGOS?…
    Keep the shiny side up, dude…

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