Illegal immigrants are criminals

The headline on KGMI reads “Immigrants’ rights group decries Bellingham raid” in reference to a roundup of suspected illegals last week at Northwest Health Care Linen.

Well of course they do. Because “immigrant rights groups” glaze over the fact that illegal immigrants are criminals.

Rosalinda Guillen of Community to Community Development is quoted, “it’s not right for agents to treat people they suspect to be illegal immigrants as if they’re terrorist” She cites agents wearing bulletproof vest and carrying guns as evidence of this.

Well I agree. It would be a waste of taxpayers money to treat suspected Mexican illegals the same as suspected Muslim illegals who have a much greater chance of being terrorists.

However, I think she is grasping. When I get pulled over as a “suspected speeder” the officer has a gun. When Dare program visits schools, the officers have guns. Officers wear guns because they deal with criminals. A gun is a tool of the trade like a hardhat, screw driver or cell phone.

I think it is pretty commonplace for law enforcement officers to protect themselves from potential harm by the criminals that they must deal with every day. And what better protection than guns and flack jackets.

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