Rejecting the Ferndale School District bond

Just now I completed the arrow on my ballot rejecting the $21 million dollar Ferndale School District bond. This proposition is not about salary and it is not about class sizes. This proposition is, as stated on the ballot, “This proposition authorizes the District to acquire, construct and equip replacement schools…” And quite simply, the school district hasn’t convinced me that they have weighed all options and found the most economical solution to the school structure situation.

And I have no trust in them after they have diverting tax money collected for repair into a new building scheme. Why was a million dollars spent on exploring new building options, when we approved the tax money for repairs? What did that million buy us? Is there a low estimate for basic building and a high estimate for a fully optioned school? Why don’t we hear about Option 1, that simply fixes the problems at Custer within the already approved budget? Without voter trust, the burden of proof is on the school district. I haven’t seen the proof.

What I have seen, is how high taxes contribute to poorly educated and poorly behaved children. I don’t think you have to dig very far to find out that kids who have a two parent family and kids who have at least one parent at home, are better behaved and do better in school. What I have also seen is how our ever increasing tax burden helps push parents to work more just to make ends meet. And money problems continue to rank high as a cause for marriage break ups.

I think that everyone has heard that education starts at home, or the more modern version where a positive, healthy learning environment starts at home; I’d like the school districts and voters to seriously consider the impact of taxes on our home. High taxes hurt our children’s education.

*** Monday update: I received a Vote Yes! postcard from the Ferndale School District Bond/Levy Committee. It wasn’t that taxes were spent to advertise for more tax money that bothered me the most. What bothered me the most was the incredible lack of concern about the tax burden that we endure. On the postcard back I read:

Give us overdue matching $

$9.2 million matching funds will be provided by the state which we won’t get unless the bond passes. That pays for 27% of the total cost of the projects in the bond. We must pass the bond to get this money.

Hey Ferndale School District! Those matching funds are taxes too! You can slice it and dice it anyway you choose, but the money still comes out of our pockets!

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