mccain and ellen I might fault Senator McCain for being a bit too moderate on some issues, but there will be no faulting him for being wimpy on all the conservative issues. 

How many candidates would sit down with Ellen DeGenres and reiterate their position against same sex marriage, especially on national TV. 

DeGeneres tried to sway McCain’s opinion by explaining to the senator that she views the issue in the same way as when blacks and women didn’t have the right to vote.

“Women just got the right to vote in 1920, and blacks didn’t have the right to vote until 1870,” she noted, adding, “It just feels like there’s this old way of thinking that we are not all the same. We are all the same . . . You’re no different than I am.”

“I’ve heard you articulate that position in a very eloquent fashion,” McCain countered. “I just believe in the unique status of marriage between man and woman, and I know that we have a respectful disagreement on that issue; and I along with many, many others wish you every happiness.”

No appeasement there, just strong, respectful, conservative and right.  John McCain will make a fine president.