Traitorous actions

Giving preferential treatment to a previous editorial board members letters to the editor seems to lack ethics, it is even worse when that letter reinforces your papers position that deserters such as Ehren Watada are heroes. In your previous article welcoming Marie Marchand to your board you seemed to be excited about her position as executive director of the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center, yet neither she nor you attached that title to her letter. Your paper’s recent articles promoting Whatcom Peace & Justice Center’s upcoming anti-war march and promoting a fundraising for Mr. Watada do not cry out of fairness. And running anti-war activist Doris Ferm’s letter twice in the last month (9/12 & 8/30) doesn’t exactly cry out fairness either.

Promoting a one sided position against our governments actions may seem to you as holding them accountable, but it’s not. Please publish facts and positions whether you like them or not, and let voters hold their government accountable. Using your paper in an attempt to discredit or destroy our nation in the face of an enemy is traitorous.

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