Senator McCain more trusted than Democrat contenders

0530 rasRasmussen Reports ended April ’08 with Voters Trust McCain More than Either Democratic Candidate on Key Issues, highlighting how he is more trusted by Americans on the Economy, the War in Iraq, National Security, and Taxes.

Fast forward to the end of May ’08, as in a few days ago, and we find Senator Obama’s glow fading as Rasmussen reports McCain Trusted More Than Obama on Economy, Iraq, National Security.

And they aren’t reporting little squeaker leads. How about the issue of National Security where John McCain bests Barrack Obama 53% to 31%, or the War in Iraq where again Senator McCain dominates Senator Obama 49% to 37%. And the Economy? Again Senator McCain clearly leads Senator Obama 47% to 41%.

As a moderate, John McCain better represents America than either of his socialist leaning potential contenders. President McCain Has a nice ring to it.

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