Whatcom GOP Endorsement

Link to 2008 Whatcom County Republican Endorsements

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Whatcom County Republican Party in the primary election:

JOHNSON, Stephen – Supreme Court Justice – Pos. 2

GROEN, John – Supreme Court Justice – Pos. 8

TEICHERT, Jeff – Court of Appeals, Div. 1, Dist. 3, Pos. 1

McGAVICK, Mike-U.S. Senator, Pos. 1

ROULSTONE, Doug-U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District

BRANDLAND, Dale-Senator, 42nd Legislative district-Incumbent

ERICKSEN, Doug-Representative, 42nd Legislative District, Position 1, Incumbent

MAYBERRY, Craig-Representative, 42nd Legislative District, Position 2

Oh, by the way did anyone know the Herald editorial staff is for Mary Kay Becker. And so must the public, because there were 4 letters to the editor in support for her also. It couldn’t be that they were playing favorites:)


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