Standing firm on this 4th.

Many people now, have said that history always repeats itself, so I won’t say it again.  But I will remind you of that saying as we wake up on this 4th of July where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is again teetering on a precipice between our nations traditional way of life and socialism. 

Our nation has endured through many challenges and hopefully will endure through many more.  This election November we are facing both another challenge and perhaps more importantly, a defining moment in our nation’s history.  We can vote to relinquish our rights to the Democratic Party’s socialist collective principles or we can stand firm fight to conserve the principles of our nation, as President Reagan and many others like him have done in the past.

On this 4th, standing on the precipice:  I am proud to be a Republican.  I am proud to be a conservative.  I am proud to be standing firm.

Take some time today to pray for our nation. 

Have a Happy and Free 4th of July!

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2 Responses to “Standing firm on this 4th.”

  1. wally says:

    YouTube has given me both a greater understanding and a greater appreciation of Ronald Reagan.

  2. Mr. Reagan, I salute you…