Subversives are as subversives do

Frankly, I’m a little surprised that all of the Bellingham City Council members fell into the subversive scheme which I talked about the other day. Not that I really expected any different, but all of them? Wowser! Not a one Council member with the integrity to stick to their job? Not one? Perhaps that’s why I’ve developed this strange compulsion to wash after visiting Bellingham.

So Monday night, in a unanimous vote, the Bellingham City Council approved a city resolution opposing military intervention in Iran. And even though the Herald subtitled their article “vote hailed as grass-roots democracy” the statements there in, actually reinforce what I’ve been saying, this resolution is anti-democratic.

“If we are not going to get the kind of leadership that we need out of Washington (D.C.),” he said, “then we have to take a leadership role at a local level to speak up.”

So essentially they don’t agree with our democratically elected leadership, but instead of resolving to work within our system of government, they are resolving to take the lead in going around our democratic government. I guess in a perverted sort of way, you could construe that they are doing the will of their constituents. Look at this from the Herald Political blog.

Many of the people who testified commended the council for its leadership in addressing a possible unprovoked attack on Iran. With national representatives ignoring their constituents, more and more people are approaching their local governments to fill the leadership vacuum.

You see, more and more of their constituents are approaching them because they aren’t getting their way with national representatives. So they are asked to be subversive and they are doing it; what more could the people of Bellingham want?

And also in the Herald blog is this twisted little piece of illogic on the resolution from someone identified merely as “Stan.”

How can we say it’s not the business of the City Council our closest elected representatives to do what we can to express the outrage of our citizens in a collective way?

Well, Mr. Stan, I’m thinking it could have gone something like this,

Regardless of our personal feelings, we the members of the City Council are not charged to represent the people of Bellingham on matters such as military intervention in Iran and/or national policy of any kind. To imply that we have been charged with such a duty, would be confusing to the public and would erode the authority of the representatives who all the people of this area elected to deal with these matters. We strongly urge each citizen to contact their senators and representatives, their closest representation in these matters, and let them know their feelings regarding our nations dealings with Iran.

Yup, that’s one way that you could say it is not the business of the City Council. May be there are other ways of saying it is not the City Council’s business, but that would have covered it well, and yet not been a bit subversive.

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