The petition is out and I plan on tracking one down and signing it.  I haven’t seen one yet, but from checking on Washington’s Secretary of State website, it looks like it asks a very simple question.

Initiative Measure No. 409 concerns enforcement of immigration laws.

This measure would require state and local agencies to cooperate in enforcing federal immigration laws and would require verifying immigration status of persons seeking employment, receiving driver’s licenses, and receiving some public benefits.

Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Obviously my answer will be yes; why else would I track down a petition?   As US citizens, I would think we should see this as a no brainer.   At the very least, we should require people to be in our country legally, before we spend our taxes on them and treat them to any of the benefits that legal citizens enjoy.   Read the Ballot measure’s summary,

This measure would require state and local government agencies to cooperate with the federal government in enforcing immigration laws. Employers would be required to verify immigration status of employees, subject to penalty. It would require verification of immigration status of applicants for some state, local and federal public benefits. Nonprofit organizations would be prohibited from offering employment services without proof of immigration status. Issuance of driver’s licenses would be prohibited without proof of immigration status.

Again, it’s simple and I would bet that a lot of people just assume this is already the way it is in our state and our nation.  Well it isn’t this way, even though most people I know think this is the right way to handle things.    In fact, some of the needed infratructure looks like it is all in place, just not being used as much as many Americans think it is.  Promoters of the initiative,  have a partially up website,, already with links to government sites for immigration status checking. 

Besides the burden on taxpayers and the unregulated impact on our culture that massive amounts of illegal immigrants have on our nation, Mike Gleeson, in a letter to the editor brought up another good point.

Washington is one of five states that issues driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. This practice, when coupled with a completely dysfunctional verification procedure and 37 out of 39 counties using a mail in ballot system, is an incubator for voter fraud. Your vote, bestowed to only citizens of the United States, is your most cherished entitlement. Protect it!

And in the comment section he also let us know where we can find the petition.  They will have it  at Bellis Fair Mall between 1:00 and 6:00pm on Thursdays and Fridays.