Mildly enraged

I read the Heralds “opinion” during break. Perhaps I’ve had a bit too much caffeine today, but I am mildly enraged by this cheap shot article. They remind me of the wimpy guy who won’t stand up to anyone, but is there to kick a guy after others have knocked him down. One of their milder comments was “The Defense secretary had few fans in the nation — with the obvious exception of President Bush.”

Here is the article

Better late than never to be rid of Rumsfeld.

Here is the comment I posted

I am also a fan of Donald Rumsfeld. He may be a bit abrasive, he may not pander to you press types, but he was not hired as an ambassador nor a press secretary. He was hired to direct the actions of the Defense Department in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This he did and he did it well.

For 1400 years the Muslim’s way of life has threatened and attacked all other forms of government in the world. In all those years the Muslims never tempered their theocratic ambitions in an effort to let any other religions or governments coexist. Any non-Muslim nation was and still is a target. They continue to expand through fear, violence and intimidation.

In defense of ours and many other nations, Donald Rumsfeld led a coalition force dead into middle of Islam and disrupted many of the Muslim coalitions that attacked and threatened our world. We have suffered comparatively few losses in this action and we have Mr. Rumsfeld to thank.

Secretary Rumsfeld, thank you for your service to our nation. It is greatly appreciated by at least one man.


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Al-Qaeda gloats over Rumsfeld exit

– Bear in mind these are peaceful people who want us dead and won’t rest until they “blow up the presidential mansion in Washington”


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