Did hell freeze over?

Because I agreed with the Heralds editorial boards piece on special Wal-mart zoning by the Bellingham City Council . I think the City Council took a cheap shot. It’s obvious they carefully crafted this moratorium directly at Wal-Mart. It is not an emergency. I don’t see an immediate danger to anyone or anything. What I see is the City Council bending to a socialist opposition to a capitalist free market business.

The other thing I see is a perfect parallel to judges legislating from the bench.

Judges use their power to interpret the laws as they see fit, not as they were intended.

In this case the City Council is using their power to, in effect, change the zoning as they see fit, not as the zoning laws were intended.

So we need to hold the City Council to following rules, in the same way we need to hold judges accountable to following the intent of the law.

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