Happy Subversives

happy subA couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Subversive “No War with Iran” resolution in front of the Bellingham City Council and a few days later wrote about the council members unanimously passing said resolution which had no business being in front of the council in the first place.

As I wrote the posts I wondered just how the City Council members could not recognize their actions as subversive to our nation’s democratic government.


Why couldn’t they, especially as elected officials themselves, see that following our governmental rules, most fairly values everyone’s vote? How could they not see that their personal agreement or disagreement with the outcome of our democratic process is not justification for destroying the process.


I hate the don’t shoot the messenger cliche, but that is exactly what is going on here. Our government is delivering the message; the will of the voters who elected people to address our national defense and the members of the City Council don’t like the message, so they are taking pot shots at our democratic process; essentially shooting our messenger.


Well, silly me for wondering why the council couldn’t recognize their damaging actions. After seeing the photo above and reading this letter to the editor, I would guess they clearly recognized their actions as subversive and were as knowledgeable and proud of their subversion as the author of this letter.

Some have called the Bellingham City Council’s “Hands Off! Iran” resolution subversive. I agree absolutely. I believe strongly that any paradigm of war and exploitation should be subverted by any and all means necessary.

Bellingham Herald: Evan Knappenberger, City resolution needed to subvert Iran war

While “subverted by any and all means necessary” may reflect only Evan Knappenberger’s personal opinion; his strong ties to the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center (WPJC) who promoted this resolution locally, would suggest differently. I see a lot of smiley happy faces in this photo from ImageEvent’s public gallery which bore this label.

City Councilmembers Stan Snapp, Terry Bornemann, Barbara Ryan, Barry Buchanan, & Jack Weiss celebrate with constituents the passage of the Resolution Opposing Military Intervention in Iran.

With “constituents” being members of the WPJC and said letter writer, there is no doubt in my mind that the City Council was both aware and happy with their subversive actions. Their action was sad, pathetic, subversive, corrupt and without excuse.

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