Is the Bellingham Herald Legislating from the bench?

Seems their editorial board has decided that promoting the WPJC’s proposed resolution and associated anti-war/US sentiment is more important than their self professed rules. They have printed 2 letters from Bill Distler in the last 3 weeks. A clear violation of their 1 per month rule, unless you legislate from the bench and assume that the original intent of the rules was to only limit conservative views. Then it’s OK to print his 2nd letter promoting an anti-war resolution. Their bias in favor of the anti-war/US position is obvious.

9/20/06 Bill Distler, Bellingham – Invites residents to council hearing in support of proposed Whatcom Peace and Justice Center anti-war resolution. Veterans for Peace

9/14/06 Eileen Herring, Birch Bay – Letter promoting proposed anti-war resolution, Whatcom Peace and Justice Center

9/12/06 Marie Marchand, Bellingham – Thanking Lt. Ehren Watada for refusing to depoly. Whatcom Peace & Justice Center, also ex-editorial board member.

8/29/06 Bill Distler, Bellingham letter wishing to impeach President Bush and charge him with treason. Veterans for Peace

You could also see recent 9/12/06 and 9/8/06 entries. Here is my opinion on the proposed resolution. I put it in the form of an email that I sent to the Bellingham City Council last week. I did get a response from them saying that “All correspondence is distributed to each council member and placed on file in the Council office.”

Subject: Regarding anti-US protestors push for resolution to bring troops home from IraqI just read an opinion letter in the Herald today that said your council will be presented with a petition and resolution for bringing our troops out of Iraq.

This is a portion of a letter:

To this end, a Troops Home resolution is being presented for approval by the Bellingham City Council, which would urge our federal representatives to begin an orderly troop withdrawal now, take care of our vets when they return, and leave behind no permanent bases. Please read the resolution at or at the Peace and Justice Center, 1226 Cornwall Ave., sign the petition of support, and contact your council member to let him/her know that you support this resolution. We have the power to end this war. Eileen Herring Birch Bay

First let me say that I am from Ferndale and not Bellingham, but the writer of the letter appears to be from Birch Bay so I guess my opinion about the proposed COB resolution is as valid as hers. As Bellingham is on national maps and Ferndale & Birch Bay are not then I guess at a national level, any COB resolution would tend to speak for us also.

I have read the proposed resolution and let me say that there are too many areas of contention for me to count.

Our nation is at war. Agree with it or not, our military is overseas fighting. Our elected President, our Commander in Chief, is carrying out a military operation that he and our other elected officials deemed the best course of action for our nation. I do not believe that the war in Iraq is in any way under the he authority of the Bellingham City Council and therefore a resolution would just be a token message and nothing else. The message I read is one of undermining the authority of our government.

At its heart, this resolution labels its supporters as traitors. If this small group wants this label, then let them stand alone. They do not stand with me and I don’t stand with them. They don’t speak for me and I don’t think they speak for this region.

I urge you to reject any form of this petition or proposed resolution in its entirety.

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