Low Republican turnout?

Huh? I thought we did well. Our household statistics were good this time.  100% voter turnout and 100% republican. :)With President Bush being the devil I would have expected better republican turnout.

Are republicans not choosing a party on their ballot?

I hear 9000+ people tried out for American Idol in Seattle. Could they be the missing republican vote?

But seriously, who could disagree?  Look for yourself.


And also make sure your vote counted.  Check in Whatcom County.  And if your vote didn’ count, then go figure out why and fix it.

The total republicans voting didn’t look good. Even if candidates like Roulstone get all the republican votes in Nov. he will still fall short of Larsen. While it was a bit closer for Mayberry and Erickson, it still didn’t look great.

We do need to get more republicans out to vote. I talked to Doug Erickson at the republican picnic and he talked about putting more of an effort into contacting registered republicans that didn’t vote last time.

We voted, we have signs up in our yard, but we didn’t talk to any friends before the election and I have to admit that I didn’t get up and help anyone on any campaigning.  I include myself when I say we all need to do a better job.

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