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August 7, 2008

Advice on judges

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cominus Lucky for you it won’t be coming from my undereducated brain.  No, a friend sent this link to Cominus.com where Dean Isaacson, formerly of Judicial Forum, reviews judges who are being elected right now during this primary election.  Careful though; his opinion comes with a word of caution:

if you do not like the idea of mixing God and politics, especially if you believe Jesus Christ is only good for salvation from fire and has no authority over men and nations, stay far away from cominus.com.


2008 Judicial Forum Election Picks for Washington State


  1. Hmm, after looking at this website it makes the Snyder vs Shepherd decision all the more difficult. With the WCRP “recommending” (NOT endorsing) support for Shepherd and this site recommending Snyder.

    I did enjoy hearing from Shepherd personally and he did say all the right things, or at least as far as he could being a candidate for judge.

    Personally I think I’m still leaning Shepherd. The fact that Snyder’s wife is a chemist at the oil refinery, and that he likes to collect antique cars doesn’t weigh in to heavily on my decision.

    Thanks for the resource.

    Comment by Bellinghammer — August 11, 2008 @ 10:33 am

  2. Hmm also. I was lost on this one and leaning towards Snyder based mostly on not hearing any bad. That is until I went to the committee meeting where I heard from several that Snyder was biased, but no one cited an example so go figure.

    I got a generally good feeling about Shepherd up until he said he didn’t know who he was going to support for President. I wondered, really, you don’t know? Or you just don’t want to say in front of a conservative crowd? I’d give him more credit if he had just said it’s none of our business and it doesn’t have a bearing on how he will perform his job.

    I was also part of a conversation outside that continued to give me a not so good feeling. A gentleman asked Mr. Shepherd if he was a born again Christian and he wouldn’t answer. When pressed again for what the questioner was calling a simple yes or no answer, he responded with how long he had gone to the First Congregational Church. He gave me the used car salesman creeps with his evasiveness.

    So I don’t really have any first hand knowledge, good or bad, of Judge Snyder, and unless I run into Judge Snyder between now and Aug 19, and he creeps me worse than Doug Shepherd, I’ll probably go with Snyder. Not process I’m real gung ho about but it is what I have to go on.

    Comment by wally — August 11, 2008 @ 1:21 pm

  3. I found his comment on drilling in ANWAR odd. Although it was a completely irrelevant question in my opinion his answer of “I’ve never honestly thought about it” seemed silly. I would have respected even a “I don’t see how that’s relevant for the race I’m running in” type answer if he wanted to rightfully avoid the question.

    You have to give Shepherd credit for coming and speaking to the group. I very much appreciated that and I think it shows he’s willing to speak with and listen to groups that may not share his views.

    I appreciated the reasons Shepherd gave for why he chose to run against the incumbent. Those reasons are mainly why I’m siding with Shepherd.

    As far as whether he professes his faith, it would have been easier for him to give the answer he knew the questioner wanted. I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing that he didn’t simply say “yes”.

    Your last statement makes it sound like if Snyder can avoid you then he has your vote. That seems kinda odd to me and I’m glad Shepherd didn’t have that mentality.

    Comment by Bellinghammer — August 12, 2008 @ 11:43 am

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