Their view vs. my view

Herald Editorial Board Says: Minutemen surveillance of border isn’t necessaryThe Bellingham Herald news Minutemen surveillance of border isn’t necessaryI say this back into their Haloscan comment section

I agree, the Minutemen have done nothing, and may not do anything in the future. They have not contributed to the apprehension of anyone, but neither have they caused harm to anyone.

I’m also glad you recognized the fact that more border agents are needed to stop illegal immigration. I believe that is also the position of the Minutemen. And until we have more agents, I am happy the Minutemen are here.

And yes a Minuteman could in fact, be an armed citizen sitting in a truck. Border Patrol agents are also armed and sit in trucks. And it also happens, that when either sees something odd, they will first pick up a phone or radio, not a gun.

Yes the Minutemen could be considered useless to some and might also aggravate some. I have a phone in my home. It just sits there: useless. It aggravates me when telemarketers call. Do I get rid of it? No, because I recognize it as a wonderful tool, which will be there when I need it. Or maybe Minutemen are more like useless seatbelts that restrict your movement and chafe your neck right up until they save your life.

They have done no harm, why must you endeavor to harm them?

The “hornets nest” is stirred by the Herald every time it prints a story or view based on an anti-American’s feelings rather than fact, or a commission’s investigation into non-existent complaints, or an illegal immigrants concern over being caught. The Minutemen have been quietly and peacefully keeping their eyes on our border. We should thank them.

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