Leadership for a Better Washington

doug ericksen at pioneer parkI took one image of State Rep. Doug Ericksen during his recent town hall in park and with my lack of photo skills it was doomed to be a poor image.  If a picture paints a thousand words then one might wonder.  Is Doug practicing the Jedi arts?  Has some conservative in the audience just flashed him and he is averting his eyes while screaming Please no! don’t make me look? Or is it, more likely in the eyes of local democrats, that he his instructing local conservatives in saluting our fascist Republican leaders?

Well, the real answer is that Doug is explaining, to the 25-30 people in attendance, why there never seems to be enough money for things we feel are important, like schools and new roads.   Yet, at the same time we are so burdened with taxes that we are left without enough money to afford regular healthcare.  What I took from his answer was that money doesn’t always go where we think it should, we have a large state government that costs a lot in itself to run, and we have not directed enough energy into ensuring our government runs efficiently.  The root problem is though, that our current state leadership seems to think that they are on the right track towards solving today’s challenges.    And because the big government Democrats in power seem to think that they are already on the right track, the real good solutions never make it very far in Olympia.


Doug has always been about solutions.  I’ve heard him say several times that the he and those he works closely with, don’t allow themselves to shoot down proposals without presenting a better proposal.  The solutions are there; the leadership to enact those solutions is not.  In response to the lack of solution oriented leadership, Doug is working with other like minded people to help our elected leaders get things done.  He’s got a website up, perhaps not completely up, but up.  On the site he shares some of the solutions that are in the works and also how we can get involved.  Leadership for a Better Washington.

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