International Day of Protest?

Well it wasn’t just a day of silent reflection, as was the intent of the UN resolution for International Peace Day.

Hundreds of people chanting and holding anti-war and anti-Bush signs filled downtown Bellingham streets Thursday evening in celebration of the International Day of Peace.The Bellingham Herald news Hundreds march in peace rally

Today is the International Day of Peace, and that will be the subject on The Joe Teehan Show. My guest will be Pfc. Kyle Snyder, a U.S. soldier who served in Iraq, but is seeking asylum in Canada rather than be re-deployed to a war he considers illegal.KGMI 790 AM NewsTalk Radio

It sounds like a day of protesting against our nation and raising up deserters as heroes. Aljazeera is not headlining this day of peace nor protest. When the Opposition Party has sacked our nation and our way of life there will be no UN Day of Peace celebration and all protests will be met with death or imprisonment as they are in most non-democratic nations. Is that the peace they are looking for?

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