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I’ve recently been out of town and offline due to a host of virtual ills suffered by my now squeeky clean computer.  I was well backed up, only losing my current bookmarks, so I feel fortunate.

So a couple of quick thoughts:

What a bizarro world it is with the Obama/Biden ticket vs. the McCain/???? tickets.  Consider how the experience is distributed (and it’s a given, that anyone who seconds McCain will have less experience than him).  John McCain and Joe Biden are the veterans with decades of experience, yet the Democrats choose Obama, the least experienced to lead the ticket?   A Biden/Obama ticket would make sense, but if Democrats were sensible they would be Republicans.  With Joe Biden on the ticket, will left leaning bloggers now have to retract all age related comments made about John McCain?  What in the world are the Democrats smoking?

Which leads me to my second thought which is that as I was leaving Denver I heard on the local radio that Denver’s Mayor was asking the police to ignore the marijuana laws while the DNC was in town.  So really, everyone knows what they’ve been smoking.

And lastly, if the bong runs dry before show time, will it be a Hillary/???? vs. McCain/????

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