Now I haven’t actually listened to the whole Barack Obama show from Denver, but what I have heard and read so far is clearly centered on the Obama show rather than the Obama platform.  I didn’t open my morning news to a list of how’s and what’s to expect from a Barack Obama presidency; no, my first article was a who is who of Hollywood Barack Obama supporters.

Jessica Alba
Rosario Dawson
Wilmer Valderrama
Kerry Washington
George Lucas with girlfriend Mellody Hardon
Forest Whitaker with wife Keisha and Star Jones
Daniel Dae Kim
John Legend
Susan Sarandon
Anne Hathaway
Sheryl Crow
Michael McDonald
Oprah Winfrey
Spike Lee
Steven Spielberg Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner
Taye Diggs
Hill Harper
Josh Brolin
The Black Eyed Peas
Kal Penn
Jamie Foxx
Muhammad Ali
Fran Drescher
Ashley Judd
Joy Bryant
Annette Bening
Big Boi of Outkast

Were you aware of all these stars in attendance at Invesco field?  I somehow feel lucky that I don’t recognize about half these names, but if I did, would I then be under some celebrity trance where I would be compelled to vote for an inexperienced secular socialist senator from our nation’s Midwest?  If you find that you are taking political advice from Fran Drescher, then you may already be under the ShObama spell.

What I would have liked to have read at the top of the news this morning was an answer to a few burning questions about ShObama’s plans for his presidency.  Oh, I knew it wouldn’t happen, but click you heals and just imagine for a second.

Imagine ShObama briefing the American public on green police.  Who are the green police, who will pay for them, what authority will they be given?  And by whose authority will that authority be given?

Imagine ShObama explaining how increasing the effective tax rate on oil companies is not going to be passed down in higher pump prices.

Imagine ShObama, before a packed stadium, explained how and the Democratic Party not only believe it is a mother’s right to kill their unborn children, but also believe that it is our responsibility as taxpayers, to see that the “procedure” can be done regardless of ability to pay.

Imagine ShObama, or any Democratic Party candidate for that matter explain the overall philosophy of higher taxes and bigger government be the way to a thriving vital economy and nation.

I know it too tough to imagine, but if you happen to be leaning towards Barack Obama, then you will need to get some answer on those imagines.  Well you don’t need to; you can just throw your vote the same direction as Hollywood, just don’t ask me to be proud of your decision.  It won’t happen.

And since I’m in a mildly sour mood this morning, I’ll give a go at this whole MLK coincidence thing.  I think it is ironic, well no irony is not the correct word, the correct word is sickness. I think is pretty sick that a socialist Barack Obama, who has a tremendously secular world view, would claim any connection to Martin Luther King, who was decidedly for individuality and decidedly for judeo-Christian principles. It is pretty sick that he is using the color of his skin and part of his ethnic heritage to garner votes.

Remember that MLK proposed that people should be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.  So what does this say about the character of Barrack Obama.  While he may just be playing the ethnic card he was dealt, he should also dig way back in his hand and pull out the ethic card. A candidate with ethics is one worth taking a look at while others must create a show to get attention.

NO ShObama!

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