Things that need to be said

President Bush is still President for another 2 years. We are still in the Middle East fighting terrorism. We will still follow President Bush’s plan to leave Iraq as Iraqis are able to defend themselves. The Opposition Party has squeaked into control of the congress, but how far can you get on pure opposition. To really get into control you need to stand for something, have a plan and a direction. Is there a plan? Should all the Troops Home Now people head for the airport to meet their returning loved ones?

Does anyone think that this new congress will really adopt the cut and run plan? I don’t. I think they talked about it to oppose the President, not because it was a good idea. Now America and the world think they will do something. But what something? I think that something is to say they have a plan to withdraw troops, perhaps over the next year or so. In reality they will just allow President Bush to finish his planned exit from Iraq, while taking credit for getting our troops out. They have no plan, just opposition and ego.

I also think it was a good move for the President to replace Mr. Rumsfeld. He was such a big target for the Opposition that he won’t be very effective at finishing out the President’s plan. The new guy will have a bit of a honeymoon period with the Opposition. And after that they will just take more credit for successes in Iraq and follow up with a bunch of I told you so’s about Rumsfeld.

I appreciate President Bush sacrificing his ratings in the interest of our nation. President Bush is a better man than most and I pray that more people come to recognize this.


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