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I wrote KGMI an FYI letter regarding their slant on the proposed troops home resolution which will be looked at by the Bellingham City Council tonight.  I find there to be a significant difference between a group of family survivors asking for a resolution and an anti-US group using family survivors to further their agenda.

Subject: Error in proposed anti-war resolution coverage

Your news snip titled Bellingham City Council to consider Iraq War resolution seems to be incorrect in identifying the source of the proposed resolution.  You identify it as “A group of Bellingham area parents of soldiers who have served in Iraq is asking for the City Council’s help in bringing the troops home.”

The proposed resolution is in fact, the product of a decade old anti-US/anti war group called the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center whose agenda goes beyond this proposed resolution.  This is how they identify the origin of the proposed resolution, “Whatcom Peace & Justice Center called together local parents of Iraq Veterans and their supporters to create a Troops Home! Resolution”

And by the way, there will be some in attendance who do not support this resolution.  Rather they support the UN, our nation and our President..


The meeting is tonight at 7:00pm

Bellingham Municipal Court

2014 C St.

And don’t forget to read up on your facts before you go.

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