Republican National Convention

RNCwebsiteLast evening my wife and I attended a little surprise send off party for Luanne Van Werven.  Luanne is leaving soon as one of our delegates to the almost upon us, Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St-Paul.  With the rising strength in the Republican Party and John McCain’s incredibly wonderful choice in Sarah Palin as his running mate, this stands to be one heck of a convention. 

The convention doesn’t actually start until Monday, but you lvanwervencan  read about Luanne’s experience thus far, with hopefully more to come from the RNC, if you jump over to her blog Luanne Van Werven.

And let me report the feeling from a room full of conservatives about Sarah Palin.  Most, including myself were at first caught off guard, at second smiling, at third reflecting on her as an incredible woman, mother, conservative and outspoken leader.  And finally I think everyone agreed that John McCain made a good choice for his campaign and our nation. 

Some people thought that Senator Obama would shake up the 2008 presidential campaign and he mildly did, but I think we haven’t seen shake up until a conservative Christian mother, once nicknamed Sarah Barracuda, hits the campaign trail.

Side Note:  I found this older Anchorage Daily News article from 2006 to be a very complete, single read biography of Sarah Palin and this Glenn Beck interview from I think back in June.  I remember watching this because of the whole polar bear thing, but now I wished I had paid closer attention; I wouldn’t have been so surprised at John McCain’s announcement.

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3 Responses to “Republican National Convention”

  1. Luanne, You’ve done so much for the Whatcom GOP and as much for the Eagle forum and Teen eagle forum.

    And all I do is sit back and pop off at central committee meetings…

    Keep up the good work and I hope you have a great time over there in Minnesota Twins country…
    I was honored to get a chance to vote for you at state.

  2. Luanne Van Werven says:

    You are too kind! Luanne thanks you from the bottom of her heart. I’ll certainly be on the hunt for Sarah Palin souvenirs to share with my beloved Whatcom Republicans.

  3. I hope Luanne brings me a signed basketball by Sarah Barracuda!!!!

    Go Luanne! Another classy lady!