Public Comment Meeting regarding Proposed Troops home new resolution.

I was there. It is sad to hear the stories of personal loss. I am thankful that there are people willing to sacrifice for their nation and way of life rather than run or “refuse to deploy”. I believe the war is necessary and I believe that it is best waged by those who have all the facts to understand our situation in the world. The Bellingham City Council are not those people. All of the 150+ people in that room including the council members have an equal and fair say in our nations activities. We don’t need the council usurping the authority of our legislators. Here is the second and I’m sure not the last letter I will be sending to them:

  1. No matter how many resolutions and sign waving protest there are, the President must get up every morning and do the job for which he was hired. And similarly, no matter how many people are in the room supporting this proposal, the council still has an obligation to do the job for which they were hired.

  2. I do not believe that adopting resolutions regarding national foreign policy is in the job description of the council.

  3. Even if it were, I believe that neither national foreign policy, nor global military strategy is in any council members areas of expertise.

  4. Validity of the proposal arguments: I don’t think that the council drafted this resolution but if you sign your name then the words become yours. Please consider the following:

    1. I too want the troops out of Iraq; I too want to see them come home; I too hate to see suffering; I too want peace around the world.

    2. But, it is not human nature to follow all laws. We have police and other law enforcement. On the global level there is the UN among others.

    3. The UN has made their own resolutions regarding the conditions in Iraq. I think more than 20 of them in the last couple of decades. We liberated Kuwait from Iraq as a result of a UN resolution.

    4. We are now in the Middle East fighting to enforce UN resolutions aimed at making the whole world a more peaceful place. There is risk, and people suffer physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. We agreed to the risk and potential loss when we signed on with the UN mission.

    5. Our President and Congress agreed to commit our nations resources when they approved

i. Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq

ii. Public Law 105-235, 105th Congress – Joint Resolution

iii. Public Law 102-1. Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution

    1. Shall I assume that all council members have reviewed pertinent UN resolutions, the US Joint Resolution, and both Public Laws?

    2. I should hope you have read and understand them, including supporting documents before you make any decisions regarding a city resolution against them.

  1. Rather than signing this proposal, support our troops by:

    1. Not interfering with efforts of our President and Congress to take the actions they feel are best for our nation. Our military is there to do a job. When the job is done the troops can come home.

    2. Praising returning veterans and their families for their valuable sacrifices.

    3. Providing injured veterans and their families with an excellent local health care facility. They deserve it.

  2. So if the council believes that they are more qualified to handle national and global military decisions, than the President, Congress and the United Nations, then let me say that I am impressed. And, by all means approve this resolution.

  3. Also remember an apt quote by Jesus Christ, or Abe Lincoln, you pick.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”


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