The last letter I’ll write on Troops Home Now?

Yesterday I said I sent my second, but not last letter to the Bellingham City Council on the proposed troops home resolution.  Here is one I sent after work yesterday.  I think it will be the last.

FYI.  Here is a letter I fired off to the Herald today for the opinion section as it is my personal opinion.
Start of Letter:

As the Bellingham City Council ponders a proposed Troops Home Resolution I think we as local citizens should ponder how such a resolution came into existence.

Two things stood out amongst all the heartfelt testimonies I heard at the council’s meeting the other night.  They were that local victim’s families were the impetus for the resolution and that the group agonized over every word of the resolution as they wrote it.

Ponder this: Cities for Progress has toolkits for proposing this same resolution to city councils.  Kits include how to start the process, very familiar looking sample resolutions, sample letters to the editors, how to involve media and other groups, techniques for getting resolution in front of the council and how to “plan actions to target the member” when they are not in favor.  Ponder also that the parent group of Cities for Progress is Transnational Institute.  They are an international activist organization funded by Samuel Rubin Foundation that is dedicated to communism.

So is the Council really speaking for Bellingham and the United States by voting for this resolution?  Call and/or write the council and urge them to vote no on this resolution. (360)676-6970

End of Letter

An additional link between the organizations is the Institute for Policy Studies  But I only had 200 words with the Herald.  You can dig around for all the connections if you want.  My point is that the council was targeted with an external agenda, not a ground swell within Bellingham.

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