She is us

Greg Kirsch wrote a great piece for the Herald, Another Whatcom County take on Sarah Palin’s record where he describes her rise from the perspective of someone involved in the fishing industry.  Definitely worth reading and he made an excellent point about how some politicians start out as regular people, yet once in office seem to take on a new air of authority.  An arrogance that somehow Sarah Palin has so far managed to avoid.

That absence of arrogance is only part of what scares many about her, but it is not all, because there are many politicians that I don’t see as arrogant.  I think of Doug Ericksen, Sam Crawford, President Bush, Dino Rossi, (a little suit-ish at times yes, but arrogant no) these guys are confident, not arrogant, big difference. 

What really scares many entrenched politicians and liberal leaners was described very succinctly yesterday by a fellow soccer dad.  What makes Sarah Palin so scary is that she is one of us.  That’s it.  Scary to the politicians because they spend millions of campaign dollars trying to convince us that they are just like us, when it only took Sarah Palin opening her mouth at the RNC to show us that she is really one of us.  And she is scary to the liberal leaning because the Palin family is us, the traditional American family.  A man, a woman, kids, maybe a dog, who knows?  They go to work, go to church, pay bills, drive themselves around; regular people, not a purchased facade of the American family, the real deal.

And it’s not lipstick or lack of, that makes the American family and America strong; it is heart.  She has the heart of an everyday American, Sarah Palin is us. 


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