Should I become a protester?

Nearly 500 abortion opponents will carry signs with pre-approved slogans such as “Abortion kills children” and “Adoption, the loving option” Sunday along Meridian Street.  Participants will gather with their picket signs at 2 p.m. between Kellogg and Telegraph roads for Whatcom County’s Life Chain.
The demonstration “gives people the opportunity to rethink the current abortion situation in America and make better decisions than taking the life of a child,” Verbree said. “It’s a time of prayer and reflection and hope for the future.”

The Bellingham Herald news Abortion opponents to demonstrate

I’ll be thinking about this between now and tomorrow afternoon.   My wife and I have adopted children, one of which was from an unwanted pregnancy.  I won’t say it was an abortion attempt, but I will say he was very very early, not born in a hospital and already had a robust party life (drugs and alcohol).  Luckily he is a stubborn little boy.  Our boys are hope in an upside down world where killing babies is so common that a protest against their killing is needed.

I found this same upside down situation in the media.  Where it has been suggested that we might need an alternative press to the liberal view of our mainstream Bellingham Herald.  Didn’t it used to be that the socialist, communist, liberal ideas were the alternate?  I think we used to be a more Judeo/Christian moral based society and were both feared and respected around the world.  Do you suppose there is a connection between respect for our nation, killing babies and liberal media?

Watch out!  I was going to link to one of the organizers Lynden Human Life but there is a virus in their page.

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