Bellingham City Council urbanizing the county

Wal-Mart looks for new superstore site

Retailer gives up effort to enlarge Bellingham store

Wal-Mart has given up its effort to turn its Bellingham store into a superstore, the company announced Wednesday.

[Bellingham Herald]

And the Herald is right there as their sidekick. Did Wal-Mart really just “give up” its plans? Or did a cheap shot selfish moratorium by the City Council outright prohibit them from their planned expansion within Bellingham?

Wal-Mart held a neighborhood meeting to announce plans to add 40,000 square feet to its current 151,000- square-foot store

Councilor Joan Beardsley, who attended that meeting and first proposed a ban, said Wednesday she expected Wal-Mart to look outside Bellingham for another store anyway. The council’s ban just expedited their efforts, she said.

[Bellingham Herald]

Was it Wal-Mart’s announcement that they were expanding the store what convinced Councilor Beardsley that they weren’t? Or is there something else going on inside her head? I’ll pick a winner this time and say it’s something in her head.

Here is a tip for you guys at the Herald. Ask the councilor why she expected Wal-Mart to build elsewhere when they announced plans to build there. Then start asking the rest of the county how they feel about Bellingham pushing large scale businesses out into our County.


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