Ahead of the curve

nwcit Over at the Northwest Citizen, John Servais has another post on the Herald blog commenter from Blaine who is still facing charges over what is perceived by some as a threat to shoot up Sunset Square.  My perception is one of extremely poor judgment on the part of commenter, but… What?  You say you haven’t even heard the commenter is being prosecuted?   Why not?  It’s been in the Seattle PI, covered by AP and King TV.

Be ahead of the curve here in Bellingham.  Read John’s posts Dave McEacharn’s frivolous prosecutions and Did Herald aid and abet a crime?

2 Responses to “Ahead of the curve”

  1. wally says:

    It’s a recent theme change and I’m still working on tweaking things to my liking. I was really tired of the totally linear nature of the usual blogs and am trying broaden what is available without using the scroll wheel too much.

    I too am pretty appalled at the bailout also – in my conservative opinion. I think that many people from both sides of the aisle have spent decades creating this problem and it’s difficult for me to see this bailout as a solution. I think we, with good intentions, we went too far extending credit, backed by the government, and totally mismanaged the risk. I believe that if our government is going to accept the risk, we have a right to dictate terms including how much profit is made. Really though, I wish the government would stay out of the business side of our nation.

    I put up the link to your site after seeing your second post on the related subjects and still seeing nothing further from the Herald. Especially on the electronic front, the Herald who should be the investigator, is in fact the one who begs investigation.

    I’m still on the East Coast, but when I’m back and can focus a bit of time, I’ll be writing a few letters to the Herald. Not letters to the editor, but letters to specific people who I believe are letting this community down.

  2. John Servais says:

    Wally – Just came over to check your site – and like the new design. I know – that exposes how long it has been since I’ve visited. Well, maybe I’m having a senior moment and I have seen the design. Regardless – it is neat. Glad to see a different format from all the other blogs.

    I came looking for any comments about the bailout bill the Senate just passed. As a bleeding liberal, I am appalled at the bill. $850B for Wall Street – in my liberal opinion.

    But instead – lo, I find a neat graphic and link back to my own site – to the post about McEachran’s excessive zeal in tamping down freedom of speech. Thank you. I don’t have any mechanism for posting short links to good posts on other sites and will program that in this winter.

    Keep up the effort and I know it takes real and continuous effort to run a blog. This is a very good site, imhfo.