Students Protest racist Graffiti

The headline, like the graffiti itself, seems to be aimed at getting attention.  Yes, some of the graffiti was racist, but the investigators clearly stated it was not the issue..

Police who interviewed the four students said most of the graffiti was “pro-Bellingham and anti-Sehome,” Lintz said. The vandalism occurred the day before Bellingham’s homecoming football game against Sehome.
“There were a couple racial slurs, but that was determined not to be an issue in the case,”

The Bellingham Herald news Students protest racist graffiti

And if the graffiti was so offensive, why did the school leave it up at least through lunch on Monday?  One of the students had enough time to prepare fliers titled “Racism is not a minority issue” to handout on Monday morning.  Surely the graffiti could have been cleaned or covered much sooner.  I’ll go out on a limb and assume it’s taken care of now.  Did the school want to offend students?

During lunch, students from area high schools, including Bellingham, Sehome and Ferndale, gathered to draw attention to the incident.The Bellingham Herald news Students protest racist graffiti

I am not for sweeping it under the rug, but 15 minutes of fame is not worth blowing the whole thing up and offending more student.

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  1. fan says:

    I agree with what the kids did.. git er done