And another niggly thing

I was bugged by two little letters in this opinion letter. The “ic” in the end of the word Democratic. I know someone very well who used to assume they were a Democrat because they were for democracy. I think this is a fallacy that the Democrats in the Democratic Party are happy to see continue. I wish I had the time to explore just how many people think and vote this way. I wish US history and government were taught in our schools so people would know about the split in the Democratic-Republican Party. Anyway, to the writer, we currently have a democratic congress. One that is duly elected through our process of democracy. Congress may change from majority representation by either the Democratic Party, the Republican Party or some other party, but in any case it is a democratic congress.

The only hope I see for slowing our nation’s precipitous fall from being a moral leader in the world is to elect a Democratic Congress.The Bellingham Herald news Says Bush values are immoral

And this

Boycott Indonesia–Stop Murdering Christians Now!

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