Purchasing a “Better Life”

For celebrities, the whole world is a shopping mall.  So when Madonna wants an orphan to boost here ego and album sales, she goes shopping.My wife and I have discussed this purchase a few times and came up with so many levels of wrongness that I don’t know where to start.  But I saw this poll on ABC News and thought I could start there.  This is a poorly written and leading poll, but unlike some of the polls I’ve mentioned lately, ABC was upfront and included the words “Not a scientific survey. ”

When I see multiple choice surveys I’m looking for an option that closely matches my opinion.  But I didn’t see these:

  • No, because it is immoral to purchase children
  • No, she can offer the child a better life in his families home, with his father
  • I am sure No, because Madonna is a freak show. (did you notice this rhythms:)
  • No, she can build every child in Malawi a better life with a no strings donation
  • No, I can’t put my finger on it, but it is wrong.
  • No, she could just have him stay as a guest at her ranch and ride the roller coaster and drink hot chocolate and sleep in her….  oops! wrong celebrity

Madonna has left Malawi with a child — a young boy — for whom she was granted an interim adoption, despite Malawi’s laws that ban adoptions by nonresidents.

Do you think Madonna should be allowed to keep this baby?

Yes, she can offer the child a better life.


No, she bypassed proper adoption procedures and that is wrong.


I’m not sure, but celebrities might not have the most stable lifestyles to be raising children.


Total Vote: 6,205

Not a scientific survey

ABC News Should Madonna Be Allowed to Adopt Boy

By the way the results are actual as of this morning 10/18/06.

This only touches on what she is doing, without mentioning what she is not.  What she is not doing is looking to all the adoptable children in the US.  My wife has many thoughts regarding this, so I’ll be working on her to do a little guest typing.

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