New version of Internet Explorer is out.

And I couldn’t give a rodents behind.   I am not a Bill Gates hater, but I don’t see why any sane person would choose to use IE7.  It is a huge confusing browser.  I’ve sincerely tried the beta version of this and couldn’t come up with one reason why I should want it.  Some might argue that I am an idiot, but I can’t figure out which buttons to push, which things I need to signup for, which things will launch a dialup killing window and I couldn’t even find the Help About to make sure which version I was using.

For Windows users, Internet Explorer 7 — a free 15-megabyte download available at — improves security, privacy and usability in a software tool increasingly important to every connected user as the Internet grows and deepensMicrosoft rolls out Internet Explorer 7

“But it also adds a lot of complexity, which diminishes its usability. Firefox does better at hiding the complexity, just protecting you rather than constantly reminding you to protect yourself.”Microsoft rolls out Internet Explorer 7

PLAYING CATCH-UP? Colin Teubner, an analyst with Forrester Research, said people using Firefox and rival products might not immediately come back to IE, partly because those users have soured on Microsoft, and partly because IE7 doesn’t break much new ground.The Bellingham Herald news Microsoft releases IE browser update

So it’s 3-4 times the size of Firefox, more complex and not as usable.  It is free, but I am not sold.


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